Wayne Rooney’s Financial Profile and Philanthropic Endeavors

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Wayne Rooney, a prominent figure in the world of football, has built an illustrious career since bursting onto the scene at just 16 years old in 2002. His journey has been marked by record-breaking achievements with Manchester United and the England national team.

With an impressive Premier League career spanning nearly two decades, including 13 successful years at Old Trafford, coupled with a stint in Major League Soccer, Rooney has enjoyed a financially rewarding lifestyle. His stature as one of England’s finest players has attracted sponsorships from around the globe, leading to collaborations with various industry brands.

As he nears the end of his playing career and embraces a transition into coaching, we delve into Rooney’s net worth, salary, sponsorships, and more.

Net Worth and Earnings:

Rooney’s estimated net worth stands at approximately £100 million ($130 million), a figure derived from his cumulative career earnings. While he had the opportunity to significantly boost his fortune by joining the Chinese Super League, he declined the lucrative opportunity. Instead, he returned briefly to Everton before embarking on a well-compensated move to D.C. United in Major League Soccer.

Salary Breakdown:

Rooney’s career has been punctuated by substantial salaries. During his time at Manchester United, he reportedly earned a base wage of £250,000 per week, which rose to £300,000 when accounting for commercial rights. Despite having the chance to accumulate over £30 million if he had remained at the club until 2019, Rooney opted to take a pay cut to rejoin Everton in pursuit of consistent playing time.

At Everton, he earned around £150,000 per week, a considerable sum for the club. This contract was substantial enough that Manchester United released him on a free transfer instead of demanding a transfer fee. Rooney held the distinction of being the Premier League’s highest-paid player until Paul Pogba secured a contract worth £290,000 per week in base salary.

In his MLS tenure with D.C. United, Rooney earned approximately $3.5 million (£2.6 million) annually as a Designated Player, translating to around $70,000 per week. His current stint with Derby County reportedly offers him a comparable figure.

Earnings on a Granular Scale:

Breaking down his earnings further, if Rooney’s annual salary at Derby is around £2.6 million, he earns roughly £50,000 per week and over £200,000 per month. His earnings approximate £300 per hour or £7,120 per day.

Sponsorship Deals:

Rooney’s notable boot sponsorship deal is with Nike, yielding an estimated £1 million annually. In 2015, there were reports of Adidas attempting to secure Rooney’s endorsement after taking over Manchester United’s kit production, though the switch did not materialize. Notably, during a period of media scrutiny in 2010, his main endorsement agreements with Nike, Harper Collins, EA Sports, and Coca-Cola were estimated to be worth over £2.5 million collectively. However, Coca-Cola ended its £600,000-a-year deal with him amid the controversies.

Social Media and Followers:

Rooney’s immense fan base is reflected in his social media following, boasting nearly 15 million followers on Instagram. He frequently shares throwback photos of his football journey, his wife Coleen, and his children. On Facebook, he garners around 24 million likes, making him a highly supported figure on the platform. His Twitter account enjoys a following of over 17 million users.

Business Ventures:

Beyond personal investments in properties, cars, and racehorses, Rooney’s business ventures remain relatively low-key. In 2013, he joined a partnership alongside cricketer Kevin Pietersen and entrepreneur-turned-TV-personality Theo Paphitis to invest in small businesses. This venture involved contributions of around £200,000 from each party. Additional interests have emerged sporadically, including support for a hotel in Newcastle with backing from Newcastle United players and other Premier League figures.

Charitable Engagements:

Rooney is actively involved in charitable endeavors, particularly in the north-west of England. The proceeds from his 2016 Manchester United testimonial match, which amounted to £1.2 million, were donated to organizations including the NSPCC, Claire House Children’s Hospice, Alder Hey Children’s Charity, and the Manchester United Foundation. The Manchester United Foundation utilized the funds to establish the Wayne Rooney scholarship, aiding underprivileged children in pursuing further education. Through the Wayne Rooney Foundation, he aimed to raise £5 million for various causes in 2017.

Rooney’s dedication to philanthropy was evident when he returned to the England team for a charity fixture in 201, raising funds for his foundation. The match against the U.S. National Team was a heartfelt effort to support causes close to his heart.

As Rooney navigates the next phase of his career, his financial accomplishments and philanthropic contributions continue to underscore his impact both on and off the pitch.

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